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Sales office address:444 NO ,+1 Floor , NOOR Mall, Sabounyan St., Tehran, Iran

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factory address

Factory Address: Karaj - Old Road Hashtgerd - Facing Three Way Sahileh St. Mehr Street Second Line Right Producer of Silver Original

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Email : orginalm93@yahoo.com

Manufactring Industries of Original Silver Dishes

Manufacturing Industries of Original Silver Dishes began it's activity in 1994. This manufacturing center succeeded to produce various goods with highest quality by cooperation of experienced personnel and brilliant Iranian or foreign engineers and deliver it to foreign and internal markets.
This complex has been able to deliver foreign & internal markets goods with highest quality and delicacy with 10 years of guarantee, applying Iranian handy made arts accompanied by modern technology of the world by use of the best materials as Canadian made bronze, copper, nickel, Swiss 999.9 gold water as well as porcelain with highest quality. Hereby, we thank God.
" Hoping daily increasing success."
"Your trust is our long years of honor"